Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anna Grace 8.5 months old

I LOVE dressing Anna Grace up in girly is SO much fun!!!

She is finally sitting up good. I don't know why but my babies are late sitters for some reason.

She was so happy this morning so I decided to take some pics.....I will do a 9 month post soon, so I will just stick to the basics. I am so blessed with a really good sleeper. She usually goes to bed around 8:30-9:00 and sleeps til 7. She takes about 2 good morning naps and 1 afternoon nap. She sometimes will take a cat nap after her dinner, but I like to hold her off so she will go to bed earlier. She loves her I usually let her take her morning nap in it while I enjoy my coffee:)

For a while, I just could not even think about enjoying 1 warm cup of coffee. I would have to heat it up because I just did not have my routine down. I am all about routines and so I try to keep my babies on a schedule. I have learned over the years to bend it every now and then. I am so OCD about naps that it can really rock my world sometimes when Reed decides he will just play instead. I have to just go with the flow and tell will be fine! And for the most part, he eventually wears himself out and finally crashes! ha! He also usually goes to bed earlier if he does not nap so that is nice:)

I could just kiss these sweet cheeks over and over again. Love my sweet baby girl!

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