Monday, February 24, 2014

Reed's very 1st Duck Hunt!!!

Cody took Reed on the youth duck hunt the very last week of duck season. He surprised him with a shot gun for his birthday! Reed was SO excited and could not wait to go!

 He had lots of friends who he could run around the lodge with so that made it even more fun! Uncle Patrick brought  John Chester and they got to hunt together in the blind;)
Cody told me Reed shot a hen down but that was about it! lol! I was so proud he got to go with his daddy and he loved every minute of it!;)

Reed's 5th Birthday Party!

My sweet big boy celebrated his 5th birthday party at Chuck-e-Cheese a few weekends ago and had a blast! Please someone tell me how he is already FIVE!?!?!?!?

It just seems like yesterday I was walking and bouncing him around to try to calm his little colicky booty down;( Time really does fly! and I really have not been emotional about many birthdays but FIVE has been a little touchy for me;(

 Reed seriously never meets a stranger, has LOTS of energy, loves to talk, is such a sweet, loving, protecting BIG Bro! He really ADORES his sister and brother so much and that is enough to melt my heart! He has the biggest heart and just loves life!

He LOVES his momma too;) Anytime I leave, he runs out of the house and says......mommy please don't go! He struggles with good byes;(

He is super smart and loves for me to read books to him! Loves movies, dressing up, playing down set hut in the living room (as we call it), loves to be tickled, loves his daddy and doing boy stuff!

Reed makes me smile and laugh so much and when he is gone the house is just way too quiet! I remember praying in bible study six years ago for a baby and it seemed like it took forever but I finally got pregnant and I was just so happy to finally get to be a mommy! It is one of the hardest jobs I will ever have, but by far the most rewarding!!!  I love being a mommy and I have treasured being able to stay at home with all 3 of my kiddos for the past few years!

Reed LOVES God and truly loves to learn more about him all the time! He is so inquisitive and interested in the bible and learning more about God. He loves when we read bible stories and wants to know so much more!

Happy 5th Birthday Reed Garrett Crawford! Your daddy and I love you to the moon and back sweet boy!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hunting Party for Lawson!!!

Reed's best buddy, Lawson, celebrated his 5th birthday party a few weeks ago at the Waterford Clubhouse! It was a hunting party and all the kiddos were supposed to wear camo!!!;) It was such a fun party! All the kiddos got their face painted with camo to get ready for the big duck hunt! They looked for ducks in the field, rode on some random guy's ranger ( who was just passing thru the party) Lol! They also hit the "5" piƱata! Reed LOVED that part;) especially when candy came out of it!  

We got to see lots of our friends and just have a great time celebrating Lawson's special day! His cake was too cute.....I wish I would have gotten a close up pic of it;( Happy 5th Birthday Lawson!!!