Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt at the White's 2014

We all got together at Josie and Brandon's house for a super fun Easter Egg Hunt for the kiddos today!!!! It was such a beautiful and perfect day for a hunt! It was even a little hot which I am NOT complaining!!! We loveSpringtime!!!! I'm pretty sure they hid about 600 eggs!!! The kiddos had a blast!!!;)

Here are all the kiddos in a group pic!!! We tried;)

My big girl hunting eggs! She loved it and really got into it this year;)

Drake could not be any happier in this sunshine! He absolutely loves being outside!

My Reed man found so many eggs! He was on a serious mission;)

Theirry, Davis, and Drake checking out their easter eggs

Spencer Kate and Anna Grace 

Best buds! 


These two had a fun filled day!!!!

Cole saying "Cheese"

My three babies!!! They are seriously growing up way too fast!
I made these for the kiddos! I thought they turned out pretty cute;)

These were fun too.......a little more time consuming though;) 

these were super easy and my kiddos loved them!!!;)

Daddy and Drake

Sweet girl!

This boy LOVES rocks!!! He was in Heaven at the White's because they had them in every corner!

It was such a beautiful view in their backyard!

Playing ball

Layla and Drake

Lawson and Anna Grace

Sweet Brothers;)
Sweet friends!!! Allison, Kristina, and Jessica

All the girls!!!! 

What a fun fun day..........we headed home after the egg hunt to attend our Saturday night Easter service! Happy Easter everyone!!! Christ is Risen!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Drake's first real haircut!

I took Drake to get his first real hair cut......he did have one from daddy too I guess but this one made me sad because it made him look like a big boy!

He loved getting a sucker;)

My sweet baby boy being so big! 

Love him!!!! He is the happiest baby ever!!!!

He did so good and was very still at his hair cut! Such a big boy!!!;)

Dressing up like a princess!

Anna Grace loves dressing up like a Princess!!!

She loves being Sophia the First
or just a Princess!!!

She also LOVES for me to curl her hair...........

Her hair is getting so long and its SO straight just like mine;)

Here it is after we curled it with a curling iron! Love it!

She got to dress up like a princess for Frozen day at church! It was SO much fun!!!

I love having a girl so I can play with her hair and braid it all the time!!! She loves for me to do this too!;)
I love this girl's independence!!!!! She picked out her entire wardrobe from panties to shoes and got dressed all by herself!!! This is wonderful compared to her brother;) 

She loves playing beauty shop on momma too;) Love her so much!!!! We have lots of fun together doing girly stuff!!!;)