Friday, February 24, 2012

Playing outside

These past few weeks and well, this entire winter.....the weather has been crazy....cold one day, warm the next. Well, it does not matter rain or shine, warm or kiddos LOVE to go outside!!! Anna Grace will walk to the back door and say "Side, Side!" It is so sweet;) We have enjoyed the warm weather even in the winter time!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Steamboat Springs

Cody and I got invited to go skiing in Steamboat Springs with some of our friends, Patrick and Margot. We decided to go last minute and it was the best decision we could have made!!! My parents and Cody's parents agreed to keep our kids and they would each have one child which made it a lot easier on both of them. I knew I would miss them so much, but Cody and I needed to spend some time together as a couple. I'm SO glad we did!!! I came back so refreshed and ready to see my kiddos after a much needed vacation! It was such a FUN trip!!!

Margot and Patrick rented a very nice ski in- ski out- lodge which was so nice!!! They brought their sweet baby boy, John Chester. Margot's sister, Micah and brother in law, Spencer were there as well. They brought their precious little girl, Simone. They had the perfect set up....they had asked their sister and a friend to babysit while they were there and it worked out great! They told us we were welcome to bring our kiddos but I felt I would enjoy the trip better if our parents babysat instead. It was very nice having the two babies there to give me some loving when I needed it;) Here are some pics from our trip!!!

Me and Cody on the mountain!

Cody and I arrived a little late in the day so it was too late to ski so......

we decided to check out the Hot Springs in Strawberry Park!!! We saw some Elk on our way. I only had my I-phone so I could not zoom in and you can barely see them in the pic above. It was so cool!!! I have never seen Elk in real life!!!

The Hot Springs was AMAZING!!! It was about 40 degrees cold in one part, warm like a hot tub in the other part, and VERY warm in the other. We got in all three and it was SO invigorating!!!

We wore our robes over our swimsuits and had to leave our robes in this Tee-Pee and run to the water!!! It was freezing outside so the warm water felt SO GOOD!!! It was definitely something I have never done before and would LOVE to do again!!!

Me looking like a dork in front of our lodge! I could have at least put my hand on my hip! ha ha!

Cody and I had to stop for a quick pic on the mountain;)

We took a break to wait on the guys to come join us!

There is nothing better than getting in the hot tub after skiing or anytime for that matter;)

Margo LOVES Valentine's Day so she had to get a pic with her hubby and her beautiful flowers;) We all were surprised mid morning with some BEAUTIFUL flowers from our loves! I can't tell you what the card said but Patrick had something to do with it so just use your imagination!!! I laughed SO hard at mine;) I can only imagine what the Florist thought when he asked her to write it on the cards! lol!

The guys had made reservations for us at Riggio's - a very nice Italian restaurant....I ordered Lasagna and it was divine!!! My poor hubby got altitude sickness the last day so he had to skip out on our Valentine dinner. I was a little disappointed, but still had SO much fun with Patrick, Margot, Micah, and Spencer! I laughed the entire night!!! So much fun;)

The second night, we decided to go around to different restaurants/bars and order an appetizer and a drink! It was a really good idea.....The first restaurant we went to was called Sweetwater Grill. We ordered smoked salmon, cheese waffle fries, and chorizo! It was fabulous! The next place we went was Carl's and we ordered hot wings and some other appetizers that were good too! It was getting late so we decided to just hang out there the rest of the night.

This was a blurry pic of Sweetwater had a great had a cozy sitting area next to the fire;)

Precious baby Simone

One of the babysitters....Bailey and Simone

Mia and John Chester

All bundled up to go into town for some shopping!!

Micah and Spencer

Sweet little John Chester and his mommy;)

Valentine's night they shot fire works outside our lodge! They were so pretty!

Me, Micah, and Margot at dinner

Our beautiful flowers from our loves.....too bad we could not fly them home with us!