Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Turn Baby Turn!!!

Well, I have to share some exciting news!!! I have been a nervous wreck about my baby being breach for a while now. I know I should not worry at 25 1/2 weeks,but I have. Mainly, because I want Cody to be in the delivery room with me and he already told me he could not stomach an operating room. I am not afraid of a C-section, but I would rather not have one....if it wasn't necessary! With all that said...I had an ultrasound done today at my work and we found out that baby Anna Grace is now head down!!! She finally flopped around in there....looking back I think I remember when it could have the Gary Allan concert I tried to hang around for but couldn't!! I was so excited to see him at the amp this past weekend, but little did I know I could not stand the heat, my heart started to race, and I felt like I was having a contraction, so.....I left after guzzling about 2 water bottles and dealing with the heat for about 3o minutes! I started feeling much better by the time I got in the A/C and layed down. Not sure if that is when it happened, but she is now in position and I feel better! I was just afraid that the bigger she got in there, the harder it would be for her to turn. I am so relieved now and can rest easy at night!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coloring and Reading Books

Reed has started having an interest in coloring. I will only give him one crayon at a time, so he wants another crayon as soon as he makes a mark on the's kind of cute to watch! Since I took these pictures, we have started coloring while sitting in our much easier. We are working on our colors right now. He also loves to go in his bedroom, find books, climb in the recliner and pretend to read this is my favorite thing to watch! He loves to jabber, but I'm not sure what he is talking about?? We go tomorrow morning for his 18 month check up!!! I cannot believe my baby boy is already 18 months!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Best Buds!

It's kind of hard to get a picture of these two together....constantly on the go! They just love each other so much, and it is so sweet to watch them play! My sister and I came home a few weekends ago for a friend's baby shower and got to spend some good quality time together as a family! We really miss having them close to us, but it sure does make our time together even more special now:)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I love to swing!

Gotta Love Sonic

I will have to say....I am kind of addicted to Sonic Diet Vanilla Cokes! I love them! Reed loves going through Sonic too! He just starts saying cheese, when we turn in, for grilled cheese! That is when you know you go there too much! He also loves to drink out of a straw now and from a cup as well. He manages the large cup pretty well;) I try to limit my caffeine, but I just love Sonic diet cokes!