Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just a day with mommy;)

The kiddos usually wake up ready to go in the mornings when they are not in I have to keep them busy! We usually start the day with a lovely breakfast which consists of either Oatmeal with bananas, waffles (their fav), eggs and bacon (Reed's fav) or cinnamon rolls;) I let them pick! They both love to watch Little Einsteins or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the mornings;)
They both LOVE to feed the ducks at the pond in our neighborhood and then go to the park before it gets too hot! Reed usually rides his bike while I push sis in the stroller;) They could stay at the pond ALL day long!

This is SO typical of Reed.........he doesn't care and will just tee tee anywhere! Gotta love him
These two LOVE the park too!

and they can play with cars and trucks forever..........even little sis! She loves to push a car around the house more than pushing her baby in her stroller! Ha!

God has blessed us greatly with these sweetie pies.......My heart is so full of love and I truly enjoy every moment I get to spend with them. They melt my heart daily. I am so happy to be a mommy and am excited about our new bundle of joy and their baby brother who will be coming in January!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Family Lake Time

My parents and my sister and her family came to visit a few weeks ago and we all stayed at the lakehouse! We had SO much fun! The kiddos had a blast together as always;) I miss my sister and brother in law living here in Fayetteville SO much so it's always a fun time when we all get together! I just wish we did not have to say goodbye;( I did not get any pics of sweet Olivia which makes me sad. Here are some pictures from our weekend together!

Fun times at the Lake!

Reed and Anna Grace love spending time at the lakehouse! They love to swim in the pool, take boat rides, jump in the lake, ride on the ranger to look for deer, play with all the toys and watch movies together! Cody and I love going there too just to get away from it all....we both love it as soon as we get on the 10 minute dirt road.......I think it takes us back to South Arkansas a little bit;) Here are just a few pics from some of our Summer getaways!......of course with my phone.....i have got to start using my big camera!!!

Checking on daddy's jobs

Reed loves to go with his daddy to check on the job sites! He has to wear a hard hat for safety! I just love this pic of him:) Maybe he'll follow in his daddy's footsteps one day......who knows???

Love her style!