Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sprinkler Fun!

Reed loves bathtime and just playing in the water, so we had to try out the sprinkler tonight after dinner. He loved it!!! He was a little unsure of it at first, but then got real used to it and LOVED it!!! The water was really cold, so I had a towel ready and waiting. It didn't seem to bother him though. After he dried off, he would just walk around the sidewalk and just talk and point and swing his little was pretty cute;) Oh, by the way, you may notice his little shiner he got at daycare. Poor was all his fault though....nobody hit him or anything! Just all boy...rough and tough!

Ready to little swimsuit model

The other day Reed was playing around the house, and I thought it might be a good time for him to model a few of his new swimsuits for this summer!!! I had bought a couple from Target and Gymboree and my mom got him one from we needed to make sure they fit. He was a trooper for most of the swimsuit modeling but got a little mad toward the end. Ha! I don't blame him....trying on clothes can be a little frustrating! The good thing was....they all fit great! He is now all ready for the pool and swim ranch;)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baseball, Birthday, and Crawfish Boil

We took the kiddos for a ride in the ranger....Reed is seriously about to nod off in this picture! He was up an hour past his bedtime and just played his little heart out!!!
Front: Me, Reed, Julia, Cody
Back: Campbell, Walker, Hayes

Campbell, Silas, Walker and Hayes having fun riding around!

This picture cracks me up b/c I am chowing down on some crawfish in the background....this prego girl loves her some crawfish....and Mr. Sam knows how to cook um....nice and spicy;)

Spencer and Reed eating ice! Aren't they too cute;)

Reed is loving his popsicle!

Amber gave Reed another popsicle because he liked it so much!!!

Reed had a big day on Saturday!!! Thank goodness he took a morning nap or we would have never made it! Even though, a monsoon came through Fayetteville, we still managed to get out of the house for some fun activities that afternoon. First, Cody treated me by letting me get a mani and pedi with a friend and have a nice quiet lunch. It was such a nice treat;)

I came home and we loaded up for the Razorback baseball game! We only stayed about an hour because we had a birthday party. Reed had a small meltdown in the car from the game to the party. Thank goodness he waited until we were by ourselves to throw his fit. He finally settled down and we made it to Jack's birthday party. It was a Hawaian Lual theme!!! Super cute idea!! He had fun playing in the ice and capri suns under the palm tree pretty much the entire party! Jack loved his birthday cake! He is such a cutie pie;)

After the party, we headed to the Evin's house for some crawfish!!! Reed got his second wind there and had a blast!!! He flirted with one of the girls, Lizzy. I finally found another girl who will be rough with him! It was cute!! They would chase after each other, grab each others pacys, and even give each other hugs too!!

Cody, Jason, Trey, and Wendy took turns taking the kids for rides in the ranger! They loved it! I forgot my camera at the crawfish boil so I got some pics from Amber! To sum it all up, Reed had a fun filled day!!! He even slept in until 8:00 Sunday morning, which is about an hour later than normal! I sure can't complain:)

The Birthday Boy!

Isn't this cake adorable!!!

Reed is checking Jack out...

I think Reed was wishing he had his swim trunks on like Jack! The kids were going to swim but the weather canceled it out;(

What a cutie pie;)

Reed is loving the ice under the palm tree!

I think I can drive this thing??

This is the only picture I got at the baseball game! Cody and I were too busy chasing after Reed! He doesn't like to sit still for long like Lawson.

Walking to the game with daddy

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Momma duck and her baby ducklings!

After the rain, Isabella and Lindsay came over to play outside. We decided to take the ranger down to the pond to see the new baby ducklings!!! Reed loves riding in his daddy's ranger any chance he can get!

They both were trying to check out the ducks. Lindsay said Isabella picked out her outfit today....pretty cute tutu girl!

Momma and her baby ducklings

We usually carry bread to feed the ducks, but we got in a hurry and forgot:(

We had a fun afternoon playing with Isabella! They entertain each other so well. I feel certain that one day Reed will be the one entertaining his brother or sister!!!