Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Duck Lodge and Memphis Zoo!!!

Cody and I took the kiddos to Forrest City a while back to hang out at his Duck Lodge and to take a fun trip to the Memphis Zoo! The kids had a ball!!! They loved the sweet dogs that were at the lodge! Anna Grace LOVED Macy and could not get enough of her! She was the sweetest dog I think I've EVER been around:) They also played with some sweet little girls that were visiting too! Anna Grace even slept all night in a bunk bed!!! (lower bunk of course) The next day we went to the Memphis Zoo and it did not disappoint!!! We all had a blast!!!! Thank goodness for the road trip from Forrest City to Memphis because both kids got a pretty good nap in before the zoo! The weather was perfect too!!!;) Here are a few pics from our little trip!;)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Look who's learning to potty!!!

My sweet girl........ANNA GRACE! YAY! I have been so proud of her lately because it has totally been her decision. She started telling me she needed to go tee-tee and so we would go.......I am a firm believer in not pushing potty training and just letting it come natural to them! It was SUPER EASY with Reed and I never really pushed him......he just made up his mind he was gonna do it and HE DID! Of course, school helps too!!! Its amazing what kids will do under peer pressure;) Anna Grace is still wearing diapers but she LOVES to go potty all the time! I also think it helps that she has a big brother to watch and learn from. She is doing really well on the tee-tee part.......#2 has happened maybe twice but I am still VERY happy. Especially since BABY #3 is coming at the end of December. It will be a HUGE help if she was potty trained before he was born!!!! I tackled 2 in diapers before and it was a challenge but you just do it because you don't know any different and of course don't have a choice! lol! We shall see!!!! 


Pumpkin Patch

We met the McClure's at a fun Pumpkin Patch in Pea Ridge a few Sunday's ago! Reed and Anna Grace were SO excited about picking out a pumpkin!!! Poor Reed walked into the Pumpkin Patch and as we were paying for our tickets....he got stung by a bee! OUCH! He cried and cried for a little while, but soon got over it and had fun with Lawson! I will have to say the people working the Pumpkin Patch were very prepared for this type of incident.....with benadryl, alcohol wipes, neosporin, and band-aids.....THANK GOODNESS! The kiddos decided to ride on this little train ride and even Anna Grace rode it all by herself! MY BIG GIRL! Lawson and Reed LOVED it and sweet Spencer Kate enjoyed watching all the fun;) After the train ride, we all got on the hay ride and had a somewhat spooky ride! The kiddos LOVED it......Reed LOVED it so much he would NOT look at the camera for his picture! Ha! The kiddos then picked out their pumpkins and we were ready to go! Cody and Wes thought we should take a trip to Cabela's after the Pumpkin Patch so we did and the kiddos had a blast! We all ended up in the little cafe there and had dinner! What a fun filled day!!!!



Monday, October 22, 2012

Feeding the ducks!!!

One of my kiddos favorite things to do is walk down to our neighborhood pond and feed the ducks! Reed likes to ride his bike and AG likes to take a ride in the stroller;) She carries the bread for us and usually gets her a piece before we get there;) The ducks LOVE when we come and usually walk up to us! It's such a fun little adventure for us!!! If its not too late.....they talk me into taking them to the park! I will have to admit it's good exercise for mommy!!!;)

Water Fountain Fun!!!