Saturday, April 21, 2012

A trip down south!

We headed to my parent's house on Easter Sunday and stayed a few days down south! The kiddos LOVE spending time with their Nana and Pops! They love riding on the golf cart to see the oilwells, feeding the fish, playing at the park, and riding their hot wheels around the house! It is always nice to see Lolly and Big Daddy too;) They usually come over for dinner and play with the kiddos and help me with baths! So nice;) We love our family so much and appreciate all they do for us!!! We even met Lauren for a play date at the park with Mallory and Tanner! I guess you could call it a "Poop date at the park" HA! We brought a picnic lunch and took the kids to the park to play! Reed and Mallory had so much fun swinging and sliding down the slide! Everything was going well until Reed needed to poop....let me mention my mom had dropped us off and she was gonna run some errands and come pick us up and usually when Reed needs to go.....he really needs to go now! I felt it would be fine since I saw a bathroom until Lauren scoped it out to find it was locked!!! Oh no......what were we gonna do??? Well, Reed just decided to go behind a building and get the job done....let me also add....he has to completely get undressed before he will go. It was HILARIOUS to say the least and the park was packed!!! Then of course Anna Grace pooped her diaper so I had to change her! What an experience! We still had a fun time with Mallory and Tanner!!! I was so happy to finally get to meet the little guy!!! He is absolutely precious!!!

Pops and his grands!!

I LOVE this pic.....mainly because you can see our old house that my sister and I grew up in....our parents later built a new house right next to our old one;)

Anna Grace and Big Daddy

Reed and Mommy ready to go feed the fish!

Helping Pops put together AG's new Cozy Coupe!

The kiddos LOVE riding their hot wheels.....

and helping Nana sweep the patio;)

Swinging with Nana!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Olivia and Anna Grace

Anna Grace and Olivia are about 5 1/2 months apart and are pretty sweet together;) My sister has a play room and the kiddos had a blast playing together! Olivia is very laid back and Anna Grace can get a bit aggressive at times....notice the pic where she is pulling Olivia's shirt! Oh no! She is a MESS is all I can say about that! HA!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

We spent Easter this year in Hot Springs with my sister and family! We had such a wonderful time! Reed and Anna Grace enjoyed seeing their cousins Olivia and Bella and playing their little hearts out;) We had a great church service at my sister's church and came back to the house and ate Popeyes chicken and let the kiddos play! It's always nice to see my sister and get to visit with her! It is finally getting a little bit easier to get a word in during our visit! lol! I don't know what in the world I would do without my family! They are the best and I love them so very much! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter this year!!!