Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Reed LOVES anything outside!!! Well, Pops loves riding the kids around on his golf cart if the weather permits! Reed was about ready for his afternoon nap, when Pops and daddy came home from duck hunting on Saturday. They came home just in time for a quick golf cart ride or should I say an oil well tour?? Pops took Reed and showed him the ropes of the oil field, and of course teaches him as we ride. Each time we stop to talk about the oil well, Reed will look up at his Pops and just stare at guess is that he is ready to ride again and is wondering why Pops stops all the time! At the end of the day.....all that really matters is.....Pops spending quality time with his grand kids....All you need is LOVE!!!! Love you Pops and thanks for all of the rides! XOXOXO Reed

All bundled up and ready to ride with Pops!!!

Putting our mittens on.....

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Visit with the Smart's

Mallory had to show us her PINK BOOTS before we left! Too cute:)

What would we ever do without our pacys??

Reed making eyes at Mallory!

What a sad face:(

Mallory laughing at Maggie

Do we have to take a picture???

Mallory brought me her Bible to read to them:) So sweet!

Cody and I decided to stop by to see Craig, Lauren, and Mallory on Christmas day! Reed has really not gotten to play much with Mallory so I thought they might enjoy each others company now that he is mobile!!!:) Mallory was really sweet to the "BABY" as she called him. She would bring me books to read to her. It was so cute:) Reed just loves being around kids so I think he had a great time too! Of course, he was teething during Christmas so he was a bit fussy and clingy! We enjoyed our short visit with the Smart's and I was able to snap a few pics while we were there. Enjoy!

Christmas at Big Daddy and Lolly's!

Big Daddy, Reed, and Daddy

Mommy, Reed, and Daddy

Reed is cutting his molars and loves his fingers!

Maggie chasing after Reed

Reed opening his air ball toy from Lolly and Big Daddy

Reed and Lolly

Reed's First Christmas

This is the best pic we got of the kiddos!!

Isabella opening gifts

Reed giving Izzy hugs and kisses:)

Tate and Reed sitting in Pops lap
(they are 1 week apart)

Pops reading the Christmas story

Reed's snowman antlers from Aunt Sharon
(notice the pink bib he is wearing) Sorry daddy!

Isabella and Reed jumping on Izzy's trampoline

More presents for me???

Need a push baby Reed??

Reed's riding toy from Nana and Pops

Isabella's cupcakes and Reed's play station

Reed's Barn from Santa

Christmas was so much more fun this year sharing it with our baby boy...or should I say big boy Reed:) We started out a little bit rocky....Daddy came down with a TERRIBLE stomach bug the week of Christmas!!! I felt so bad for him and stayed FAR, FAR away b/c I was terrified Reed and I might get it! Well, after several sprays of Lysol as I entered our bedroom and wiping everything with Clorox wipes, Reed and I were avoiding it so far. Cody felt a little bit better Wed morning, which was the day we were heading south, but still very weak. He managed to load our vehicle since I had all of our presents, luggage, hang-up clothes, pet porter and dog, etc. waiting at the door as he came home from work. We packed basically everything but the kitchen sink! Anyway, we left Wed. afternoon around 4:30 and traveled through a MONSOON!!!! It rained almost the entire trip home! I told Cody we are very blessed to have a child who sleeps well in the car, THANK GOODNESS!!!! Reed pretty much slept the entire way home:) We will eventually start our own Christmas traditions at our house, but we decided this year we would do Santa at Nana and Pops house Christmas Eve morning! Cody and I stayed up late getting everything ready that night for Reed.....I was so excited to have a baby this year at Christmas time. It definitely adds lots of joy to our Christmas!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009


My sister and I decided to make a trip to Branson to meet our parents and my grandmother a few weeks ago. It definitely got us in the Christmas spirit seeing all the beautiful lights!!! We stayed at the Hilton so we could be close to shopping. We tried to start our Christmas shopping early, but it is a little bit different this year since I have a little one. It may take me a while to get things done this year. Reed does however enjoy riding in his stroller but he likes to keep moving! Pops took him to the Bass Pro Shop and let him see all of the animals while we shopped! Thanks Pops for the nice break:) My grandmother has always gone to Branson every year around Christmas time so since my Pa passed away this year we decided to take her with us to carry on the family tradition. She had a great time!!! We sure did enjoy her company too! My sister and I got tickled on the way home with my sense of direction.......let's put it this way.....I have none! She was not really paying attention and we almost went to Goshen and made about 2 wrong turns as well??? Not sure how we got home but we made it eventually. I may need a GPS system for Christmas this year for my car! Ha! Family time is so great!!! I don't know what I would do without everyone!!! God has truly blessed us:)

Must Love Dogs!!!!

Reed loves his doggy Simon!!! He just smiles from ear to ear when he sees him coming!!! During Thanksgiving holiday, we traveled home and of course Simon made the trip too!!! Reed just stares out the window at him forever......just FACINATED by him!!!! I wish I could trust him to play with him more but Simon is a little bit unpredictable these days. He has gotten grumpy the older he gets! I am afraid Reed would pull his ear or touch his mouth and Simon might snap at him. It may never happen, but I would never forgive myself if it did!! It is still so cute to watch them interact together. Here are a few pics of Reed looking out the window at Nana and Pops house.