Monday, December 28, 2009

Reed's First Christmas

This is the best pic we got of the kiddos!!

Isabella opening gifts

Reed giving Izzy hugs and kisses:)

Tate and Reed sitting in Pops lap
(they are 1 week apart)

Pops reading the Christmas story

Reed's snowman antlers from Aunt Sharon
(notice the pink bib he is wearing) Sorry daddy!

Isabella and Reed jumping on Izzy's trampoline

More presents for me???

Need a push baby Reed??

Reed's riding toy from Nana and Pops

Isabella's cupcakes and Reed's play station

Reed's Barn from Santa

Christmas was so much more fun this year sharing it with our baby boy...or should I say big boy Reed:) We started out a little bit rocky....Daddy came down with a TERRIBLE stomach bug the week of Christmas!!! I felt so bad for him and stayed FAR, FAR away b/c I was terrified Reed and I might get it! Well, after several sprays of Lysol as I entered our bedroom and wiping everything with Clorox wipes, Reed and I were avoiding it so far. Cody felt a little bit better Wed morning, which was the day we were heading south, but still very weak. He managed to load our vehicle since I had all of our presents, luggage, hang-up clothes, pet porter and dog, etc. waiting at the door as he came home from work. We packed basically everything but the kitchen sink! Anyway, we left Wed. afternoon around 4:30 and traveled through a MONSOON!!!! It rained almost the entire trip home! I told Cody we are very blessed to have a child who sleeps well in the car, THANK GOODNESS!!!! Reed pretty much slept the entire way home:) We will eventually start our own Christmas traditions at our house, but we decided this year we would do Santa at Nana and Pops house Christmas Eve morning! Cody and I stayed up late getting everything ready that night for Reed.....I was so excited to have a baby this year at Christmas time. It definitely adds lots of joy to our Christmas!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!!

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