Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What we have been up to lately?????

                                                           Playing in mommy's make-up;)

                                                      Going shopping with mommy

                                                                Playing with balloons

                                          And our favorite place..........THE PARK!

                                                           RIDING HOT WHEELS..........

                                             And rearranging the fridge;)

                                                                  Daddy Time;)

                                                              Eating breakfast together

                                                                    Blow-drying his hair

                                                  AND Insisting on trying on mommy's dress in the dressing room;)

                                                       Playing with Greenlee


                                                   Sliding at Chick Fil-A with our friends!


Destin, FL Vacation 2012

Our family had a wonderful vacation in Destin, FL a few weeks ago! It was the longest drive my kids have ever been on but it was ALL worth it! They did great going to Destin which was about a 10 hour drive after stops from my parents house. We left early Tuesday morning and let the kiddos sleep in their pjs until Jackson where we stopped at McDonald's for breakfast! Anna Grace rode with me and Cody and Reed rode with his Nana and Pops! He was a trooper and was SUPER excited about the BEACH!!!! I was so excited too......I felt like a kid again;)

My parents and my best friend's parents used to go to Destin just about every Summer when my sister and I were little so it really brought back memories.......SWEET memories I want my kids to experience too!;)

We arrived in Destin at our condo around 3:30 that afternoon so we had some SUN time before it was time for dinner. My mom and I headed to the grocery store while Cody and Pops took the kids down to the pool for the first time. I definitely wanted to be with them for their first beach experience so they did not go to the beach until we got back. 

We grilled burgers the first night at the condo. They had several grills set up by the pool which was really nice. The second and third night my parents and Cody and I would take turns going to dinner. My mom and dad would go to an early dinner and then come back around 7:15 for Cody and me to go to a later dinner. It worked out PERFECT and we all got to enjoy some great SEAFOOD right on the OCEAN! It was FABULOUS!!!! The last day we all went to AJ's Seafood for lunch and it was SO yummy;) The kids both got t-shirts and a turtle and dolphin that had a BIG sucker attached to it!

  The condo was so nice and roomy.....the kiddos had a BALL! They loved going out on the balcony after dinner each night to play and fly kites and watch the birds fly over;) Anna Grace is amazed by birds and LOVES to just be outside! She is talking so much lately so it was so fun to hear what all she had to say!

 I was not sure how they would like the ocean/sand but suprisingly they really had fun playing in the ocean/sand. Reed LOVED getting in the ocean but he just did not like the sand in his swim trunks so I ended up just putting a swim diaper on him which seemed to work out fine;) My mom and I decided if we come back to the beach we would get Reed a speedo! HA! We probably spent more of our time at the pool, but we did go to the beach at least 3 times while we were I was pleased.

We took the kiddos to ride go-carts and fun little rides one afternoon and I think my dad and Cody had the MOST fun! Ha! They would race each other on the go-carts! Reed thought it was SO cool! He had a blast;) Anna Grace got to ride a few little rides too! She was all SMILES!

We stayed at a place called Waterscape which I highly recommend to anyone with kids. It was SUPER kid friendly and conveinient to the night life/ Harbor Walk, etc..... The pools were perfect for Anna Grace and Reed......they had a lazy river that was AWESOME and they also 3 that started off very shallow and got deep with fun little animals that sprayed water everywhere! The other pools were great too! The pool at the top had a slide with a frog and other little animals too. Then there was a pool where Reed had fun just swimming around in and meeting new friends.....he never meets a stranger! HA! My kiddos LOVED every minute of our vacation!!! I am so blessed with such a wonderful family! It was such a great vaction that I will never forget!!!