Sunday, March 13, 2011

Big Boy Bed

I have three goals for us to accomplish with Reed in the next several months:

1. Convert Reed's bed to a big boy bed (toddler bed)

2. Potty Train....which Reed is already interested in and we are working on this as we speak just not hard core right now.

3. Take pacy away (Biggest challenge)

First things first....After several climbs out of his crib, we made the decision to covert Reed's bed to a toddler bed. I really wanted to keep him in his crib for a little while longer, but I thought if he can climb out of it and run into our bedroom, then we might as well convert it. Well, he continues to run and cry all the way to our bedroom each night. I'll have to admit I let him sleep with us. Our whole family is piled up in our room. I guess my sleep takes precedence over this issue. Maybe, if Anna Grace was sleeping through the night....I would take him right back to his room but instead I give into him and let him in our bed. We all go back to sleep without a problem. Naps on the other hand are going better. He has been napping for 2 hours usually everyday we are home except for today. I guess we will just work on taking him back to his room at night. Pray for us all to sleep well;)

Daddy helping take the rails off... this made me a little sad:(

One more climb.....

Reed loves his new bed!

Sweet Moments

Here are some sweet moments we have shared together as a family of 4! We have so much fun watching Reed and Anna Grace interact with each other. Reed loves his little sister and continues to be very sweet with her. She has started watching him so much and he definitely keeps her entertained! My family brings me the most joy! I treasure the time I spend with the little munchkins....even when we are having melt down days...tantrum throwing days....fussy days.....I just have to remind myself this too shall pass. Even when they are both crying and wanting me....I just take a deep breath and usually Cody walks in the door from work or someone decides to be happy;)

Reed loves to play "Giddy Up" with daddy...

Reed..."Hold her mommy?"

Anna Grace (if she could talk would say) "Oh no! not again!" by the look on her face!

Me and my sweet babies

Love this little sweet;)

I love how they both are in the same position with pacys in their mouth;)