Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Duck Lodge and Memphis Zoo!!!

Cody and I took the kiddos to Forrest City a while back to hang out at his Duck Lodge and to take a fun trip to the Memphis Zoo! The kids had a ball!!! They loved the sweet dogs that were at the lodge! Anna Grace LOVED Macy and could not get enough of her! She was the sweetest dog I think I've EVER been around:) They also played with some sweet little girls that were visiting too! Anna Grace even slept all night in a bunk bed!!! (lower bunk of course) The next day we went to the Memphis Zoo and it did not disappoint!!! We all had a blast!!!! Thank goodness for the road trip from Forrest City to Memphis because both kids got a pretty good nap in before the zoo! The weather was perfect too!!!;) Here are a few pics from our little trip!;)