Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas with Nana and Pops!

We had a wonderful Christmas at my parents house this year! It is always a little wild when you get a 4 yr old, 2 yr old, 1 yr old, and 8 month old together at the same time but I would not trade the chaos for anything in the world!!! We had so much fun spending time together as family!:) My brother in law got a new camera for Christmas so he took most of the pics this year while I helped open presents with the kiddos. Here are some of the random pics I took with my camera. I will post more from our Christmas when I get them from e-mail. Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas with Lolly and Big Daddy!!!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with Lolly and Big Daddy this year!!! It is always very relaxing for me because they are such a HUGE help with the kiddos and LOVE every minute of it;) The kiddos got up so early on Friday morning so we decided to open presents early! We all needed a nap before the day was over.

Lolly, Anna Grace, and I went shopping while Reed and the guys took a nap. We found some great sales!! I had spotted some pretty, sparkly gold trees for my mantle the last time I was in town at Murphy Long Design, so..... I had to make a stop there to find they were 50% off!!! I also love visiting with the sweet women who work there....they know I always have to come by at least once a year! I also found some fun reindeer and a fabulous sparkly tree for my mantle. We also had to stop by Especially for You and stock up on some Christmas outfits/dresses for next year for the kiddos that were another 50% off!!! whoo hooo!!! I am not very good about buying ahead, but my mother in law is really good at it! I will be so happy next year to pull it out and realize the kiddos have such cute outfits for the holidays!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

We had a very Merry Christmas this year at the Crawford house! Santa was good to all of us! Reed really got excited this year more than ever! He is getting to be a big boy and understanding better;) We wanted him to remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas so we would remind him that Christmas is Jesus's birthday! He would sing Happy Birthday Jesus and it was really good for a mommy's heart;) Anna Grace got excited about all of the wrapping paper and boxes! She loved her new barn and baby doll too;) We left around naptime on Thursday to see Cody's parents and my parents and celebrate Christmas back home. It is always SO good to be at home. There is something really special about being at home and spending time with family around the holidays;)

Cookies and milk for Santa:)

Santa's surprises;)

Reed checking out his stocking from Santa;)

Mommy got a Mason's gift card from daddy;)

Reed LOVED his new Simba from Lion King....probably one of his most FAVORITE toys!

Christmas breakfast.....Eggs, bacon, toast, and fruit;) Santa forgot to buy the we had to settle for toast;)

Juice break!

Reed and Anna Grace fishing!

Reed's new "Cars bike" from Santa!!:)

Anna Grace LOVED her new barn!