Friday, December 2, 2011

Sick babies/Branson/Girl Time

We started the week off on a bad start....Anna Grace and Reed both had a fever and upset stomach over Thanksgiving holiday. Reed started feeling better by Sunday and Anna Grace was still running a fever by Monday. I finally called the doctor for an appt! I know....I know....Even though I am a nurse, I still put things off too long! I just knew she had an ear infection, but the doctor said he saw a little fluid behind one of her ears, otherwise her ears looked good. He gave me a script for an antibiotic just in case she continued to run a fever. Well, thankfully we never had to get it filled.....She was so much better by Monday afternoon;)They both just had a nasty bug;( Here are a few pics of AG at the doctor's office.

I was hoping Reed would be completely better so he would be ready for his trip to Branson with his Nana and Pops! My parents decided to take the oldest kiddos to Branson to see a show...."Dixie Stanpede" and spend the night in the hotel;) I have really been looking forward to it so I could get some Christmas shopping done! Christmas is sneaking up on me and I have not got much accomplished yet! Reed has been pretty excited about seeing the "horses" too;) Mom and Dad drove to Hot Springs and picked up Bella and then headed to Fayetteville to stay the night and leave in the morning for Branson! I am truly grateful for my parents because I know my son is precious but he can be a little stinker and he and Bella get SO excited and love to be LOUD and just get into say the least! ha But, for the most part they LOVE each other and enjoy being around one another! Hopefully after many long talks with Reed about obeying Nana and Pops and telling him "BB" the elf on the shelf is still watching him in Branson.....I hope he will be on his BEST behavior....but I'm afraid all I can do is hope and PRAY he will be GOOD!

Reed and Bella reading books the night before they leave for their big trip!!!
Bella is very animated with her story telling and Reed can make up some funny stuff....He was saying "Okay's snack time....Eat your dinner first Woody!" I think he has heard that before;)

And they are off........let's not forget our Bambi and blanky;)

They made it to Branson okay and "Boss man is running things at the hotel while his assistant takes notes!" ha ha!

They had a little time to spare so they played around at the Landing before the show!

And of course.....had to make a stop by "Bass Pro Shops" to see the fish!

I can only imagine what Reed is telling Pops in this picture;)

On another note......Anna Grace and I had SO much fun shopping today and we are super pumped about tomorrow too!!! We plan on getting an early start and making the most of our day! She was so cute as we went down the baby isle at Toys R' Us today....she would say "B..A..BY" over and over and would smile and laugh at the ones that made was so cute! I LOVE having a girl to shop and do girly things much fun!!!:)

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