Friday, December 16, 2011

Mom and Me Brunch

We had our first annual "Mom and Me Brunch" this Christmas to start a new tradition in the "Lambert family!" We had so much fun with just us "girls!!!" We had each child make their own fingerprint on the "Family tree" I think Amanda got this idea off of Pinterest....It really turned out cute;) We all brought an ornament for each child to exchange. Amanda hosted it this year at her house. Everything turned out so nice and she went above and beyond on everything....brunch was amazing!! She made a delicious spinach cheese dish, hashbrown patties, cinnamon twist bread (my fav) pigs in a blanket for kiddos and a few other yummy dishes! She also had a hot chocolate bar, breakfast cereal bar, hot spiced cider, different flavors of cappuchino, etc....My sister and I especially enjoyed it because we actually got to visit and have some "adult time" while the kids played. It is amazing how much easier it is to have a conversation when you only have one child to watch out for! ha! It's the little things in know! I am looking forward to having a new family tradition each year!! Thanks so much Amanda for putting this together! It is wonderful to get together with such an amazing group of girls I can call "FAMILY!" Love you all so much;)

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