Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas with Lolly and Big Daddy!!!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with Lolly and Big Daddy this year!!! It is always very relaxing for me because they are such a HUGE help with the kiddos and LOVE every minute of it;) The kiddos got up so early on Friday morning so we decided to open presents early! We all needed a nap before the day was over.

Lolly, Anna Grace, and I went shopping while Reed and the guys took a nap. We found some great sales!! I had spotted some pretty, sparkly gold trees for my mantle the last time I was in town at Murphy Long Design, so..... I had to make a stop there to find they were 50% off!!! I also love visiting with the sweet women who work there....they know I always have to come by at least once a year! I also found some fun reindeer and a fabulous sparkly tree for my mantle. We also had to stop by Especially for You and stock up on some Christmas outfits/dresses for next year for the kiddos that were another 50% off!!! whoo hooo!!! I am not very good about buying ahead, but my mother in law is really good at it! I will be so happy next year to pull it out and realize the kiddos have such cute outfits for the holidays!

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