Thursday, April 29, 2010

Always into something........

Everytime I seem to turn around, I am pulling Reed out of the bathroom because he is splashing in the toilet, or pulling all of my make-up out and opening the tubes of lipstick, or pouring out a Chick-filet drink onto our new carpet rug....thank goodness it was watered-down lemonade;) or opening all the drawers and pulling EVERYTHING out, or pulling the toilet paper roll and running with it! I could go on and on... I guess these are the joys of having an almost 15 month old!!! It keeps me busy for sure!!! Well, the other day I found him in our laundry room pulling out the Easter stuff...I snapped a few pics! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I still LOVE my Froggy!

Reed loves to snuggle up with something soft at bedtime.......froggy is up there at #1! I just love these pictures of him sleeping. There is something so peaceful about a sleeping baby. I love to go check on Reed every night after he is good and asleep. I usually say my prayers at that time and thank God for all he has blessed me with. I don't know what in the world I would do without this little guy! He melts my heart to no end! Here are a couple of pics of Reed at 7 months old and then at 14 months.

14 months

7 months

Monday, April 26, 2010

Play date at the Park

Reed and Mary Margaret had a play date at the park on Friday! Reed had so much fun chasing after his little girlfriend;) They were too cute together! My camera decided to die after a few pics so I did not get very many good ones. Melissa and I had a nice afternoon watching the kiddos play at the park!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Dirty Boy!

The other day when I was working in the yard, planting some flowers and not really paying close attention to Reed......I looked up to find this......

He had decided to pour a small flower pot on his head!!!! What a dirty boy!!! I could not help but laugh! These are the moments I cherish and want to remember with Reed! Such a fun day;)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Good Laugh and a Sweet Sound!

I have a few funny moments to share with you. Unfortunately, I don't have my camera right now, so I could not capture these moments, but I will still share them! I will start off by saying.....I grew up in a VERY small town where we never had the opportunity of having an ice cream man drive by our house. I sheltered:( Well, yesterday Reed and I were just playing around outside......when we started to hear some music........It was the ice cream man! Reed was not sure what it was, but I am pretty sure he won't forget the next time he hears the little jingle! Anyway, I got him a rainbow push up.......which ended up ALL over him!! I knew he was about to get a bath, so I just let him enjoy it! I got a snow cone and it was pretty darn good;)
This morning as I was running around the house getting us got really quiet which means the little man is up to something........I happened to find him sitting inside the pantry with 3 pieces of bread crammed in his mouth and the entire package all over the floor! I could not help but laugh!!!! I so wish I would have had my camera! It was priceless! What was so funny....was that he continued to eat the bread for the next few minutes! I did serve the boy breakfast!!! HA!
He is the joy of our life right now and keeps us laughing daily! Cody and I love the moments we share together as a family! We are excited to share some special news with everyone....... Reed is going to be a big brother! We went to the doctor today and heard the sweet sound of Baby #2's heartbeat! I am 8 1/2 weeks pregnant today! What a joy and a blessing today has been! We are extremely excited!!! Please continue to pray for us during this special time!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Isabella's 3rd Birthday!!!!

The Birthday Girl!!!

Too pretty to climb in here......

And here are two little firefighters...........

(Reed and Owen) driving to put out the fire......

Owen is not sure whether Reed should take a right or left???
Reed figured it out........
How cute are they???
Time for some PIZZA everybody!
and birthday cake too;) Besties, Caroline and Isabella getting ready for a piece...
Isabella cheesing by her beautiful carriage cake!
Time for presents!!!

After Isabella' s party, Cody needed to stop by a job site to check things out........

Here is where Acadamy Sports will be soon.........

Cody talking things over with his Superintendent!

I just had to share this because I am sooooo very proud of my hubby and his determination and hard work!!! He stays very busy managing his company but still finds time to devote to his family. I love him so much and appreciate all he does for our family:) We love you very much!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reed's First Sucker!

I decided I would give Reed his first sucker today! As many of you know.....I LOVE candy! So, today as we were walking in the mall....I had to stop at Candy Craze for some candy! I thought Reed might enjoy his first sucker! It was a sticky mess but he LOVED it! I thought he might get mad when I would take it from him, but he ended up giving it to me! He was on a sugar high in these pics but soon crashed for a nap!

Feeding the Ducks

Pops took Reed and Isabella to the pond to feed the ducks last weekend! Reed loved the ducks! He would chase after them and try to pet them. He would eat the bread instead of throwing it to the ducks! It was really cute!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

We had a such a wonderful Easter Sunday today! We had a nice Easter service at church and then headed to the Country Club for lunch! There were so many fun activities planned for the kiddos! The Easter bunny was there, they had a petting zoo, and an Easter egg hunt. Reed loved the Easter bunny! He wanted to grab his nose and pull his fur. I was just glad he sat in his lap! Reed was captivated by the eggs. He would get one out of his basket and study it for a long time while we were trying to take his picture. Lawson and Reed had a great time! Isabella enjoyed finding the Easter eggs too! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!!