Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Snow Days

Cooking with Momma

Reed loves to feel like he is helping me soooooo I decided to let him help make my favorite cookies.....Oatmeal chocolate chip! He LOVED it because I let him pour in the ingredients and gave him the left over oats and brown sugar ....yes sugar to play with while I was finishing up! It was our first time to actually cook together and it was FUN!!! I think we stayed in our PJ's pretty much all day because we were snowed in!!!

My sweet babies!

Reed loves his baby sister so much!!! He loves to smell her....very funny, but I was the same way when I was little....I smelled EVERYTHING!!! Crazy! He loves to give her kisses and sometimes tries to pick her up...I have to watch him closely at all times. He is definitely all boy so he can even bop her a few times, but for the most part you can tell he adores her and wants to make sure she is okay;) They keep me busy but I would not have it any other way!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cruisin the hood!

Walker came by the house the other day riding his Jeep! It was so cute....he asked Reed if he wanted to ride? Of course.....Reed said YES! He did NOT want to get off though.....he pitched a royal fit! I told him there will always be tomorrow, but he didn't like that answer either:(

Boingo Bounce

Lauren, Elizabeth, and I met at Boingo Bounce the other day so Reed, Lawson, and Lee could have some fun outside of the house. We have had some serious cabin fever lately....with the cold weather and having a it was definitely nice to get out! When we got there Reed took his shoes off and ran to play. Well, then he must have hit his hand on something and started being clingy after that. He finally warmed up some and had fun! I did not get many pictures and I must have forgotten to take any of Lee:(

Reed warming up to the horse

Trying to get on the dog...

He could not quite make it up the slide....

But Lawson finally did!!!

We had such a fun time with the boys! Anna Grace was an angel the entire time!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days

We are trying to stay inside as much as possible with this cold weather...brrr!
Reed goes to school 3 days a week so I let him get out and enjoy what was left of the snow this morning. Anna Grace was all snug and warm inside!

Christmas at Nana and Pops

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year at Nana and Pops house! Since my sister and brother in law moved to Hot Springs, we just don't get to see them as much so it was very nice being together as a family! I am so looking forward to being an aunt again! They are expecting another little girl in May! I guess Reed will be out numbered..Ha! Anyway, here are some pictures from our Christmas!

This was actually a present for Anna Grace.....but because Reed LOVES Elmo.....we let him have it;) He did not put him down all night long. He even carried him to bed.

Reed also sleeps with little Elmo already. He now has 4 elmo dolls!!!

I wonder what sort of theme I will choose for his 2nd birthday.....hmmmmm

These are his new camo boots from Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Vicki....he had to try them out;) I can for sure see hunting trips with daddy in his near future!

Reed had so much fun playing with all of his cousins....the older girls got sleeping bags and he had to snuggle beside them...but let's not forget ELMO!

Reed's new piano with microphone....I think I enjoyed it the most!

My dad and Anna Grace

This picture cracks me up because of my brother in law's stash!!! He was not sure if he wanted to shave all of his beard off, so he decided to keep a little something something...HAHA!

Me and my mom

My mom with the kiddos

Reed had fun playing on the piano

Look at all of those stockings and next year there will even be one more;)

My mom's beautiful Christmas tree and all the presents;)

my dad and Anna sweet;)

Reed got a fishing game that he LOVES from Nana and Pops!

Isabella opening her doll from us

Aunt Lindsay, Uncle Kevin, and Isabella got Reed a remote control race car!

Reed's new monkey backpack for school

His favorite Christmas present was the toy story electric toothbrush from Santa;)