Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pure Sweetness;)

My Little Chef


Making A Gingerbread House!!!

I really can't believe these two kiddos have not made a Gingerbread house but this year we decided it was a MUST!!! They both loved every minute of it and really enjoyed eating all the yummy candy;) I will have to say it really turned out pretty cute!!!;)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Christmas Fun

Nana and Pops took Reed and Bella to Branson the day after Thanksgiving! It is always nice to get a head start on Christmas shopping especially when my oldest is out of town.  We spent Thanksgiving at our house since I was 36 weeks pregnant;) We had such a wonderful time with our family!!! Lindsay and I took the girls shopping and had such a fun fun time just hanging out doing what girls love "SHOPPING!!!"

A trip down to the square..........The kiddos LOVED the beautiful lights and fun ride on the Camel and yes.........that is preggers  on the back of that camel! lol!

This pic is PRICELESS!!!!! Love AG's face.....poor baby;(

My sweet babies holding hands in front of Rudolph!!!! Every morning after they would wake up.......they would have to go check on their friend.......Rudolph;)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Love our Big Daddy and Lolly!!!

Reed LOVES his Big Daddy and loves to dress like him too;)

Lolly and Anna Grace.......she has reading glasses on her head and Sunglasses on!!! Love it!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dress Up

 These two LOVE playing dress up......Reed decides what they are going to dress up as and Anna Grace just plays her part;) It can be anything from a bunny hat to Batman and Batgirl.....I seriously googled how to make a bunny hat, because I am not artistic at all! It gave me step by step instructions using construction paper and a cereal box;) I was SO proud of these bunny hats when it was all said and done! ha!
Apparently some bunny was not happy about having his picture taken;) Lol! 

Reed said they were both going on a scavenger hunt! 

Batman and Batgirl

Once again Reed asked me to make him a batman mask and this was what I came up with......it looks  pretty scary huh?? More like a Jason mask or something! HA! 

Scavenger Hunters

She was watching all the animals

He did not want to take his BUNNY HAT off all day and the next day either!!!! Made me very proud he liked the hat I made for him!


Peter Pan's sister

Reed was Peter Pan 

Hunting animals in the jungle;)