Sunday, September 27, 2009

We miss you Pa on your birthday today!

Today would have been my Pa's 82nd birthday. He was born September 27, 1927 and passed away on March 13, 2009. He was a strong Christian man, devoted husband, a VERY hard worker, a great supporter, kind hearted, man of few words, sweet, sensitive man ....I could go on and on about him but it would be way too long of a post. Cody and I were so blessed to have Pa come visit Reed the week after he was born. My aunt drove him from El Dorado to Fayetteville to see our little bundle of joy for the first time:) Wow!!! What a special moment for us! Even though my Pa was probably in pain, he NEVER showed it. He kept a smile on his face and was a trooper through it all. I only took video of Pa and Reed during the visit. I wish I had a picture to post of them. He loved his little Reed. I wish Reed could have known Pa but one day he will meet him in Heaven. After speaking with my dad today, he said our home town church honored Pa with roses today and my dad spoke about how proud Pa would have been of my cousin Nick for being drafted by a minor league team(my Pa was a HUGE SUPPORT SYSTEM for all of the grand kids.) Dad also said how proud he would be of all 8 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. Pa loved his family and would bend over backwards for each one of us. He truly is missed by all! We wish you a happy birthday PA in heaven today:) We love you and miss you so much!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Marleigh's Marchers

Reed and I made a trip to Little Rock this past weekend to walk for Reed's cousin, Marleigh. She was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at 7 months old. She has also had open heart surgery twice since birth and is a TROOPER to say the least! She wears a stylish pink insulin pump to help control her insulin levels. She has soooo much energy....oh how I wish I had some of her energy! The Lambert family is very large and we almost had our entire family attend the walk! It was so special to be there to support little Marleigh! She is a beautiful, fun, energetic, smart, confident, precious little girl. There was a live band, a playground with swings, blow-up slide, and jumping zone to entertain the kiddos! What a fun and special day for Marleigh:) We love you Marleigh and continue to pray for you!!

The back of the t-shirt...The front said Peace, Love, and Cure

The Kiddos!

Marleigh's older sister... Madilyn

Tate and Reed (they are exactly 1 week apart)


Mom and Reed


Carly, Marleigh, and Isabella having fun!

Bottle Time....Pops and Reed Confidence and Fear....I just love this picture! Yippeee!!! Whooooo.......hoooo..... The Fun Slide! Nana and Isabella representing Marleigh for the t-shirt contest Smile Girls! Nana and Isabella Cheese!! Let's go Mom!!

Reed and Mary Margaret

Melissa and I shared a babysitter for the football game so Reed and Mary Margaret could play together! They seemed to enjoy each others company after talking with our sitter. Melissa and I were able to go to the game together with our husbands and have a great time cheering on the Hogs! Unfortunately, we lost:( Better luck next time Hogs!

Happy Boy with 8 Teeth!!

Reed has 8 teeth already......and is a much happier baby right now. Teething is not too much fun in the Crawford house. Reed cut his first tooth at 3 1/2 months,and has cut 7 more since pretty close together...which can make it hard to sleep at our house. When Reed is not teething, he does sleep.......12 hours!!! Love those nights:) Maybe we will have a break from teething so we can be happy for now! This is about the only picture/video that actually shows his 8 teeth...2 of his teeth are just now showing better...the video was a little bit before they came through. Enjoy!

Army Crawler

Reed is moving EVERYWHERE right now....sure does keep momma busy these days!!! He loves to army crawl around the living room. If he gets quiet, I always have to check on him just to see what he has gotten into...usually he is close to something he should not proofing is on the way!!! Here are a few pics of my little army crawler.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

In to Everything......already!

Reed is moving so fast these days....I look up and he has already army crawled or rolled somewhere! It is really cute, but my concrete floors make me a little bit nervous.....and I am not a nervous person. My next purchase is a very BIG area rug to cover most of our living room! He loves anything he should not have...remote, cell phone, cords, baggies, newspapers..etc. I was told this age is fun,and it really is, but Reed definitely keeps me on my toes at all times!

I Love my Froggy!!

Reed loves to hang on to something before he falls alseep.....burp cloth, my hair, my shirt, or froggy! He fell asleep the other day for his afternoon nap and held on tight to his froggy. I had to snap a picture! "Sweet Dreams little man"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Isabella and Reed

Our family came up for Labor Day weekend to spend time with the us and their grandkids! We also celebrated Uncle Kevin and Lollie's (Cody's mom) birthday! The weather was rainy, but at night it was nice and cool. We spent some time outside with the kiddos! They had so much fun playing together!! We all took turns taking Isabella and Reed for rides on the bike caddie! Reed looked a bit uncomfortable with the straps b/c he is not quite big enough...but he was content so we just left well enough alone. Nana (my mom)can get Reed and Isabella to really giggle and get tickled!...It is the cutest thing ever:) We enjoyed having our family here for the long weekend. Happy Birthday Lollie and Kevin;)!

Reed's First Bubble Bath with Daddy!

A few weekends ago, Daddy played kick ball with a bunch of friends! Reed and I went to give Daddy our support. He played really well and it was HILARIOUS to watch!! I don't think I have played kick ball since elementary school! We were basically worn out at the end of a double header game and dinner at La Huerta! Reed was a trooper until about dinner time where he crashed. When we finally made it home, the boys wanted a bubble bath to relax. Reed LOVED taking his first bubble bath!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

7 months old

My little man is 7 months old today! I cannot believe it! This is really a fun age but also hard at times. He is teething right now and cutting his 8th tooth!!!! I should buy stock in Tylenol and Motrin b/c that is about the only thing that works at the moment. Usually, oragel and teething tablets help...but not this past weekend.....It was a rough one for mommy and daddy. He was irritable, not sleeping at night, and not really even wanting to nurse. I pray for Reed daily but I also prayed to the Lord to give me strength and patience. I work part time and usually on Monday Reed goes to daycare...Well, I usually love holidays so I can be off but Labor Day rolled around and I will have to admit I wanted to send him to daycare. That is bad,isn't it? I prayed it would get better and guess what Tuesday night he slept 12 hours for me!!! Mommy was so happy the next morning and so was Reed!! Daddy was out of town but he was really thankful too! Daycare said he had a great day today which makes us happy:) Here are a few pics of our little man today on his 7 month birthday:) (They are a little bit dark for some reason)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Surprise Visit

Big Daddy, Reed and I decided to make a surprise visit to see Mimi, Aunt Jan, Aunt Choo, and Uncle Ronnie the last time we were home. They were all so happy to see us! Big Daddy made his special barbecue that he takes so much time smoking at his camp. It was delicious!!! We had a real nice visit with everyone and a great dinner too! Reed enjoyed all the attention they gave him:) It was so good to see everyone!

Big Daddy and Reed

Mimi and Reed

Mommy, Reed, and Big Daddy

Big Daddy, Reed, and Aunt Jan

Aunt Choo, Reed, and Uncle Ronnie