Saturday, January 28, 2012

Special Day with my little man;)

I decided to take Anna Grace to daycare on Friday and spend some one on one time with my little man;) I feel like sometimes I devote all my attention to her and sometimes don't get that quality time with Reed. We decided to get up and get ready for the day and have a lunch date at our favorite place.....

"Chip and Dip" as Reed calls it...."La Hacienda"

He loves this place so much! He really makes me laugh these days! One day we were driving down Zion road and as we passed the Mexican restaurant on the right....he says "Mommy, Is that chip and dip??" You know its bad when your son knows where the Mexican restaurant is at age 2!!! lol....gotta love him! to the mall for some shopping!!! This was Reed's first ride on the escalator....I had to take a pic!;) He thought it was so cool!!!

We went to Baby Gap and luckily ran into some great sales! Reed's closet is so full of Target stuff that he really needed a few new shirts and something cute to wear for his birthday party coming up!!! We found a lot of cute play clothes that were on sale! I could stay in that store FOREVER!!!

We were actually on a mission for some gray Toms for Reed but unfortunately....they were out of his size:( Hopefully they will get more in we got AG a little present...some adorable sparkly Toms!

We were really excited about our next stop of the day...... "The Movies!!!" I took Reed to see "Beauty and the Beast." I did not realize it was in 3D until we got there....I was not real sure how he would do with the glasses but surprisingly he wore them for most of the movie! He got scared though....he would say "Mommy, I want to go home in the middle of it....I kept telling him the beast would be nice in the end....he was brave and really liked it after it was all said and done!

We picked up Anna Grace after the movie was over and went to dinner at Chick-Fil-A!!! It was yummy and the kiddos did great! I never know if they will behave but they were both very hungry which makes a HUGE difference and we got our food fast!

I had such a fabulous day with my little man and look forward to many more dates to come in the future!!! I love that little guy so much;) He told me at the end of the day..... "Mommy, I had fun with you today!" MELT. MY. HEART.

Snuggle time with daddy;)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Super hero Birthday party for Lawson!

Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

Last weekend, I took the kiddos to Cole Creighton's 3rd birthday party at Chuck E Cheese! My kids had a blast as usual! I only had my iphone so the pics are not that great....and I did not even get a pic of the birthday boy;( The kids had so much fun and were SUPER tired when we got home. They were both asleep before 8 which is nice especially when you are going on NO nap!!! Reed was a little afraid of Chuck-E at first, but then I told him Chuck E was nice so by party time, he was running up to him giving him high 5!!! So cute;) He also loved riding the horse and playing in the tunnels with the slides! Anna Grace loved being able to run around and ride a few rides! This was AG's first time to really get to enjoy Chuck E Cheese! She LOVED it;) Here are a few pics from the party!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reed's very first trip to the Movies!!!

Lolly and Nana took Reed to the movies for the VERY first time!!! I have really been wanting him to go, but I just have not found the time or the perfect movie!!! My mom had already been to see "Chipwrecked" with Alvin and the Chipmunks and she highly recommended it for Reed! She had taken Isabella (my neice) to see it and they LOVED it!

I was a little bummed I could not join them for his very first experience due to the nasty stomach bug;( Anna Grace and I stayed at home with Pops and had a relaxing evening. I was starting to feel a little better by then but just did not want to be too far from home.....if you know what I mean! Anywho, I told my mom to text me a picture of him and let me know how he was doing since I could not be there.

She and Lolly said he was absolutely perfect and did not move a muscle or talk unless they asked him a question;) He really enjoyed the movie and told me ALL about it when he got home....he even got a Sprite and Popcorn with some gummies for a snack....which my mom said he ate the gummies first.....of course;)

I am looking forward to having a date night with my little man soon!!!

This picture cracks me up....:)

Duck camp

Reed had such a fun time at the duck camp a few weeks ago. Nick showed him how to call those ducks in with the "Robo duck!" The guys cooked us a yummy steak, sauteed mushrooms, stuffed mushrooms, baked potatoes, and delicious garlic cheese bread! It was wonderful and the kiddos had a ball! Reed enjoyed spending time with Big Daddy and riding around on his shoulders;) I did not have my good camera with me so these pics are from my Iphone! I did not get any of Anna Grace:( She had a great time too walking around the camp scoping out the place;) She may be a little hunter one day....who knows?!