Monday, January 2, 2012

Girl Time;)

Anna Grace and I had some special girl time today while daddy and Reed went out to the lakehouse to do "boy stuff!" We played around in our pjs and had some good one on one time together;)

She is taking whole milk now and still loves to have her bottle warmed:) Reed was the same way....I guess because they were both breastfed and it just came that way;) I am trying to decide when to get rid of the bottle....I know it is time but I guess I am holding on to my baby girl as long as I can. She loves her paci and calls it her "mami" It took me a while to figure out what she was needing. She also loves to steal her big brother's juice. The girl LOVES some juice! She is talking up a storm....She says "momma" da-ddy" "juice" "Re" for Reed "mami" for paci "cracker" "ball" "Nana" "Pops" "shoes" "bye bye" and "waves backwards"

She is such a happy baby girl and loves to play with her big brother! They have started really interacting together. They will even get into it over toys at times......oh has already started! The good thing is it is short lived right now. They bring so much joy to our life and Cody and I are loving every minute of it!!!

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