Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reed's very first trip to the Movies!!!

Lolly and Nana took Reed to the movies for the VERY first time!!! I have really been wanting him to go, but I just have not found the time or the perfect movie!!! My mom had already been to see "Chipwrecked" with Alvin and the Chipmunks and she highly recommended it for Reed! She had taken Isabella (my neice) to see it and they LOVED it!

I was a little bummed I could not join them for his very first experience due to the nasty stomach bug;( Anna Grace and I stayed at home with Pops and had a relaxing evening. I was starting to feel a little better by then but just did not want to be too far from home.....if you know what I mean! Anywho, I told my mom to text me a picture of him and let me know how he was doing since I could not be there.

She and Lolly said he was absolutely perfect and did not move a muscle or talk unless they asked him a question;) He really enjoyed the movie and told me ALL about it when he got home....he even got a Sprite and Popcorn with some gummies for a snack....which my mom said he ate the gummies first.....of course;)

I am looking forward to having a date night with my little man soon!!!

This picture cracks me up....:)

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