Friday, January 27, 2012

Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

Last weekend, I took the kiddos to Cole Creighton's 3rd birthday party at Chuck E Cheese! My kids had a blast as usual! I only had my iphone so the pics are not that great....and I did not even get a pic of the birthday boy;( The kids had so much fun and were SUPER tired when we got home. They were both asleep before 8 which is nice especially when you are going on NO nap!!! Reed was a little afraid of Chuck-E at first, but then I told him Chuck E was nice so by party time, he was running up to him giving him high 5!!! So cute;) He also loved riding the horse and playing in the tunnels with the slides! Anna Grace loved being able to run around and ride a few rides! This was AG's first time to really get to enjoy Chuck E Cheese! She LOVED it;) Here are a few pics from the party!

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