Monday, July 16, 2012

Jeep Rides in the hood!

My sweet boy!

I have to share some sweet moments with you about my little man. He is all boy for sure and constantly on the go, but when he settles down a bit, he says some of the sweetest things;)

     One night we were laying in bed and he said.... "Mommy, is big daddy going to heaven? I said Yes Reed he is!

Then he said ", Lolly, Nana, Pops, Anna Grace, and Daddy are going to heaven too!"

"Jesus is gonna take care of me mommy!'

Oh my precious!!!! Makes my heart smile;)

Then he asked me one night if he could see a picture of Jesus............before I could pull it up on my phone......he was already sound asleep;)

This is the picture I showed him the next day!

He looks at it forever and SMILES!......He said "Jesus loves all the animals, Mommy!"

Here is another picture of Reed with my nanny! I just love how it shows how sweet and sensitive he is:)

I love my little man SO much and he melts my heart! He is definitely growing up........I can see how smart he has become over the years! He is so loving, caring, and protective with his sister and really everyone. He of course has his moments but don't all 3 year olds??? I love him to the moon and back!!!!
Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Cody and I headed to ElDorado for Memorial Weekend! Cody and his dad usually play in the 4 ball golf tournament together and we celebrate my sister's birthday that weekend so it is ALWAYS a fun, fun time with my family!

 We stayed at Lolly and Big Daddy's house this time and the kiddos had a ball! They get SO much attention and Lolly and Big Daddy have always treated me like I was their own daughter;) Lolly waits on me hand and foot......and I'm just not used to that at its really something I enjoy! Big Daddy always brings me my coffee while the kiddos are playing and I LOVE that too;) They are so very special to me and my kids and we LOVE them SO much!!!! I could not have asked for any better in-laws or grandparents than they are to us!!!

We headed to my mom and dad's after Anna Grace's  nap on Saturday and got to visit with my sister and my mom while my dad took the kiddos on a ride! They LOVE to go with Pops on the golf cart;) It is such a nice break for us momma's too!!! My mom and my sister had most of the party prepartion ready and we could just relax! My mom even said this was the first year she could just relax at the party and not run around like a crazy woman;) She is a busy body and loves everything to be just right........and it ALWAYS is;)

I miss my sister SO much and it is always SO great to get together and let our kids play too! Reed LOVES his cousin Bella and Anna Grace and Olivia have a fun time playing too!;) They play their little hearts out and are tuckered out close to bedtime.........usually;)

It's always sad leaving everyone, but we are such a close family and we all know it won't be long til we meet again. Hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend! This post is a little late!