Sunday, September 23, 2012

Always a HOG fan!!!

My mom came up this week to help me get a few things done for the nursery. My dad came up on Friday to spend the weekend with us and the kiddos! Saturday morning, my mom and dad took Reed and Anna Grace to the Gentry Zoo. They left around 10:30, stopped at Sonic, and did not leave the zoo until around 2!!! My mom said the kiddos were perfect and could not have been any happier!!! They both got to ride the horses and pet the animals and they also drove thru the zoo part! My kids LOVE animals and always LOVE that zoo! I think this was probably Reed's 10th time there! HA! It never gets old to him;) We all decided to go to the Razorback game except for Anna Grace. I just think she is too much of a handful to take right now! We did take Reed again and he did really good at the tailgate playing with his cars and other kiddos, but he was not a big fan of the game this time. He did pretty good, but just got bored about 2nd quarter so he played games on Nana's phone and ate nachos, skittles, ice cream sandwich, popcorn, Diet Coke, Sprite.....etc! My parents left after watching the band play at halftime and he was in bed as soon as they got home my mom said. Cody and I were in charge of our tailgate this game so we had to hang around to the bitter end.......needless to say this momma was TIRED! I could not wait to see my pillow when I got home! That might have been my last game to attend. I may just watch the rest of them snuggled up on my couch in my pjs with my babies next to me;) I still LOVE my HOGS but it is SO sad to watch these games this year;( Maybe things will get better for them, but even if they don't.......I'll always be a HOG fan!

Reed's first Razorback Game

Reed had such a fun time at his very first Razorback game!!! He LOVED every minute of it! I was really proud of him and how well he did considering it was a very long day! We got to our tailgate around 3:30 or so and he made it until half time of the game. It was a night game so after playing his little heart out with Lawson and some other boys.....he did pretty good considering;) Big Daddy went with us to the game and he was a big help too! I sure wish our hogs would have played better but we still managed to have fun! I could not get enough pics with my phone so sorry if this post is picture overload. Reed loved his little hog tattoo and would not let me wash it off his face for almost a week! lol!

Washington County Fair

Cody and I took the kiddos to the Washington County Fair a few weeks ago and they absolutely LOVED it!!! It was their very first time to ever go to the fair! I am not a big fan of the fair due to my motion sickness.....and I guess it has turned me off from taking them. It finally worked out where Cody and I both could go, so he could ride with them. Reed had a blast and even rode a really fast roller coaster with his daddy and said he was not scared at all after it was over! Anna Grace loved walking around and checking everything out! She only got to ride a few rides, but did not seem to mind at all;) They also loved looking at all of the animals too! We had a fun night together as a family!