Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weekend with Family

We had such a wonderful Labor Day weekend with both sets of families in town along with my sister and her family too! We celebrated Lolly and Uncle Kevin's birthdays out at the lakehouse! We grilled burgers, let the kiddos swim, (the water was already starting to get cold but they still managed to have fun!) hung out around the campfire Big Daddy and daddy made, and celebrated with yummy birthday cake from Rick's! It just does not get much better than that!

Mommy and Reed

Me and Big Daddy in the kitchen;) Look out!

Anna Grace and her sweet Pops;)

Nana and precious baby Olivia

Reed waiting patiently on some cake!


Happy Birthday Lolly and Uncle Kevin!!!;)

Nana reading to her grandbabies;)

Love this moment;)

So sweet;)

"Lil' Razorback Livi"

Pops and Olivia

Reed swimming

My little swimmer........he is just getting so big right before my eyes!

Uncle Kevin and Bella

Kevin and Isabella swimming

Anna Grace and Lolly

My lil' Razorback and her Lolly!

Big Daddy and Anna Grace

Big Daddy and Anna sweet;)

I just LOVE those little hands;)

and of course that smile too! Cousins......Olivia and Anna Grace

Pops holding his little girls;)

My little hog;)

Razorback Reed chomping on a graham cracker;)

#15 Reed

Isabella "Bella" playing

My dad came over Saturday morning and got the kiddos and took them to La Hacienda for lunch and then to the drive thru Gentry Zoo!!! He offered to do this, and I could not have been more excited about the idea.....because it meant that my sister, Mom, Lolly, and I could meet up for lunch with our baby girls and enjoy a nice peaceful lunch;) We went to Carabas Grill in Rogers and shopped around a few shops in the Pinnacle Hills area and later decided to hit up the Prominade! I miss my sister so much and could not have been more happy to finally get to visit and shop with her and of course my mom and Lolly too;) We had a fabulous time!!! Thank you dad soooooo much for the nice treat! You are the BEST POPS and we LOVE you so much!!!;)