Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dallas Weekend.....GO HOGS GO!!!!!

Cody and I had a wonderful weekend with our friends in Dallas!!! My mother in law came to pick our little man up on Thursday to give momma and daddy some R&R! It has been really nice to spend some good quality time with my hubby and friends. I am enjoying every minute b/c it will all soon change in about 6 weeks! This was our second year to travel to Dallas to watch the Hogs play at Texas Stadium.....Wow....what a fun trip as usual! Cody and I came home to a quiet, empty home today and it felt kind of weird and sad.....but I am going to take advantage and get some things done this week! Thanks to my wonderful in-laws and parents for keeping Reed for a week! We greatly appreciate you all;)Here are some pics from the game!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Playing outside and loving this fall weather!

Reed had a great time today just playing outside! The weather was perfect! We are in the process of building a deck in our backyard. I am so happy about the progress we have made so far! Our backyard was really sloped, and not easy for Reed to run around and play. We did have a small patio where he spent most of his time, but now he will have more room to run around. Daddy decided to build us a deck and an outdoor fireplace and we are really excited about it!!! Here are a few pics from today!