Sunday, October 3, 2010

Playing outside and loving this fall weather!

Reed had a great time today just playing outside! The weather was perfect! We are in the process of building a deck in our backyard. I am so happy about the progress we have made so far! Our backyard was really sloped, and not easy for Reed to run around and play. We did have a small patio where he spent most of his time, but now he will have more room to run around. Daddy decided to build us a deck and an outdoor fireplace and we are really excited about it!!! Here are a few pics from today!

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  1. Love the pictures! "Little Reed man" looks so-o-o cute:) Nana is a little concerned about that picture of him on the kitchen counter. He could fall! I am sure his mom or dad were just a quick hand away. (LOL) Can't wait to see the deck. I know you will enjoy it. Love you all, Mom "Nana"