Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dressing up like a princess!

Anna Grace loves dressing up like a Princess!!!

She loves being Sophia the First
or just a Princess!!!

She also LOVES for me to curl her hair...........

Her hair is getting so long and its SO straight just like mine;)

Here it is after we curled it with a curling iron! Love it!

She got to dress up like a princess for Frozen day at church! It was SO much fun!!!

I love having a girl so I can play with her hair and braid it all the time!!! She loves for me to do this too!;)
I love this girl's independence!!!!! She picked out her entire wardrobe from panties to shoes and got dressed all by herself!!! This is wonderful compared to her brother;) 

She loves playing beauty shop on momma too;) Love her so much!!!! We have lots of fun together doing girly stuff!!!;)

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