Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hunting Party for Lawson!!!

Reed's best buddy, Lawson, celebrated his 5th birthday party a few weeks ago at the Waterford Clubhouse! It was a hunting party and all the kiddos were supposed to wear camo!!!;) It was such a fun party! All the kiddos got their face painted with camo to get ready for the big duck hunt! They looked for ducks in the field, rode on some random guy's ranger ( who was just passing thru the party) Lol! They also hit the "5" piƱata! Reed LOVED that part;) especially when candy came out of it!  

We got to see lots of our friends and just have a great time celebrating Lawson's special day! His cake was too cute.....I wish I would have gotten a close up pic of it;( Happy 5th Birthday Lawson!!! 

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