Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Drake Hunter Crawford!!!!

We celebrated our baby boy's 1st birthday at my parents house a few weekends ago! I seriously CANNOT believe our baby boy is 1?!?! Where has the time gone? I can honestly say I have really taken it all in by staying at home with him;) He gets LOTS of attention, snuggles, and play time with me while his big bro and big sis are at school three days a week. It is our special time together and I love every minute of it! God knew the 3rd baby needed to be laid back and very good I guess because he definitely blessed us with a very good baby!!!

We had a very small party at Nana and Pops house with Lolly and Big Daddy! It was really special and super laid back and fun! I learned after my 1st baby that really 1st birthdays are supposed to be fun and special but to not go to all the trouble with decorations and planning because they really don't remember it anyway....but we will for sure have him a bigger party next year for his 2nd birthday!

Drake had the BEST time and enjoyed his special 1st Birthday!!!! We love you SO SO much angel and can't wait to watch you grow and become a little boy! You are so sweet and your smile lights up a room! You really remind me of your daddy and that is so very special!!! We love you to the moon and back sweet boy and hope you had a WONDERFUL 1st Birthday!!!!

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