Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where puppy go????

Where puppy go....mommy? I hear this at least 5 times a day!! Reed loves standing at our fence waiting on our neighbor's bassett hound to come lick his fingers;) He LOVES "puppies" so much!!! He will run in and out of our house with such excitement after he pets the puppy at the fence! It really makes me sad because we lost our English Bulldog several months ago and Reed was just now starting to say his name right before he passed away. Simon was our dog's name as most of you know....and he was a good ole dog! Simon was special in many ways, but the most special memory about him is the day Cody proposed to me.....he tied my ring around a bandana on Simon's neck. Cody got him for me while we were dating. He was my baby for 8 years!!!I will have to admit he LOVED me!!! He was a big family dog and very protective of us. We miss him so much and think about him ALOT! We buried him behind our friend's house on Zion Rd.....for the longest I could not drive by his house without tearing up. I still think about him just about everytime I drive by there, but I know he is in a better place now;) I have wanted to talk about him on a post but have not been able to without sobbing at my computer. I am tearing up as I type this post but it will be okay. We love you Simon and miss you SO much big boy!!!

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