Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Visit Home

My parents came to visit 2 weeks ago and took us back home with them....yes, we were ALL piled up in their SUV!!! It was actually very comfortable though! It was about the only way I would travel right I could have lots of help! We actually had a WONDERFUL trip home....they were both on their BEST behavior!! It was nice to be able to sit back and play on my IPAD;) We only stopped one time to get gas, feed Anna Grace, and Reed could get a SNACK!!! Mom told me he LOVED picking out his snack at the gas station;) I am not sure about everyone else, but I get really giddy about going back home! It is such a wonderful feeling to me! My sister works in Camden a few days a week and so we got to spend some time together too!!! I miss her soooooo much and love getting to visit any chance we can get! I would have enjoyed it more if I had felt better, but at least Nana, Pops, Lolly, Big Daddy, and Aunt Lindsay helped ALOT! My mom and I decided to head back to Fayetteville early so I could see the doctor! It was probably a smart move;) I was completely hoarse, ran fever, and had a terrible sinus infection/head cold! Mom stayed with me a few days to help out once we got back to Fayetteville. I GREATLY appreciate all of the help for sure!!! I don't know what I would do without my wonderful family!!! Yall are the best!

Isabella and Reed always get SOOOO excited to see each is so cute to watch them when they see each other for the first time!!! They just love on each other, hug, and giggle and jump up and down!

Reed talks about what he and Pops will be doing on the way home.....such as Oil Well, pond, ducks, fish, park, cart, and Bella.....which means they ride the golf cart to see the ducks and fish in the pond or creek...go see Pops oil wells, play at the park and of course Bella rides too!

Reed and Bella all bundled was really cold that day! It did not keep them from going for a ride though!

Bella got some mickey mouse stickers in the mail and did not want to part from them...

I had to promise her I would take GOOD care of them while they were she finally let me keep them safe;)

They rode hot wheels...

and went swinging together!!

Reed wanted to swing in the BIG swing too and he wanted to go HIGH!

I think Reed was trying to convince Bella he could drive the golf cart...ha!

Sweet Bella

Here can sweep for now while we ride!

I think Bella is teaching Reed about the dangers of driving without POPS!!! She is very cautious;)

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  1. Your kids are adorable! Not sure how I found my way here this morning, but I see you are another Arkansas blogger. I live just outside Rogers on Beaver Lake, come over to granny mountain for a visit sometime!