Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Reed!!!

WOW.....I cannot believe 2 yrs ago I was waiting on my sweet baby boy to be born!!! February 9th, 2009 was such a special day in our life!!! I have wanted to be a mommy for so long and I absolutely LOVE it! Reed, you have filled our life with so much joy! You have a such a sweet, sensitive side to you like your daddy and never meet a stranger (like me). You are such a sweet boy, super social, energetic, ALL boy, very routine (like mommy), smiles all the time, wonderful big brother, snacker (like mommy), loves to be on the go, loves outside, LOVES Elmo, Barney, and Mickey Mouse (we never go a day without talking about one of these guys, loves music, dancing with mommy, working anything with your hands, trying to figure out how things work, cuddler, still LOVES "sassy" (paci), uses the potty when he wants...but still wears diapers, still sleeps in crib, LOVES baths, and riding on rangers and golf carts, loves puppies and pretty much any animal, loves his family very much and greets each one by running fast and smiling from ear to ear and screaming with excitement! We love you soooooooo much and thank God everyday for you. Here are some pictures from his birthday party. I decided to have his party at the Little Gym and man was it ever the perfect idea! They did EVERYTHING!! I just watched all the kiddos run wild and took some pictures! My parents, Cody's parents,my sister, brother in law, and Isabella ALL traveled through the ice and snow to make this party! I was nervous about all of this winter weather, but I was bound and determined to have his birthday party! We ended up having 40 degree weather on Saturday and had a great turn out!!! I think everyone had serious cabin fever and were ready to get out of the house! Reed had a blast and it was a great place to celebrate his 2nd birthday!!! I took a ton of pics and had a hard time narrowing them down. Enjoy!

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