Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mac N Cheese Please!

"More please, Mommy!!"

"Let me take a short break!"

"Okay, I am back for more!"

"This stuff is sooooo Yummy!"

Reed has become a little bit of a picky eater these days. However, the boy NEVER turns down some mac n cheese:) He loooooves it and smacks and smiles while he eats it! The other night I thought he was done eating so I got him down from his highchair but little did I know he still wanted MORE! So........I let him have it while sitting on the floor and I knew his bath was coming up next so I let him just have fun with it! I got daddy to take some pictures and they crack me up! He is soooo much fun right now! We have been snowed in from daycare and work quite a bit and I really have enjoyed my one on one time with my sweet boy! He keeps me running until 7 but I would not trade it for anything! I just LOVE being his mommy!

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