Saturday, February 27, 2010

1 Year Check Up

Waiting for the doctor.......

What is my little man up to these days????? He is really starting to get a little personality now;)
Reed has been such a JOY this past year and here is what he is up to.........

1. Walking when he wants to and speed crawling everywhere

2. Finally learned how to drink from a sippy other than a Nubby.....they leak so bad!

3. Loves music and dances to the beat.....wonder where he gets that one from???

4. Says "Da Da", "Ma Ma", "Bye, Bye" "Nana" "Cracker"....he just said that one today!

5. Loves saying Uh, Uh, Uh all the time to let me know what he wants!

6. Loves all of his toys but his most favorite is for me to push him on his riding toys around the
house, and he gets mad when I stop.

7. Loves to climb on clothes baskets

8. Loves opening and closing cabinets and drawers

9. Favorite food: Mac and Cheese

10. Favorite fruit: Bananas.......this boy loves to eat.....i think he gets that honest!

11. Loves his milk....we are working on drinking it from a sippy cup, but he still likes his morning and bedtime milk in a bottle. He is getting better at drinking from his sippy other than a Nubby! I am so happy about that hurdle b/c those Nubby sippy cups leak!

12. Smiles a lot:) He likes for me to tickle him and Nana can really get him to giggle;)

13. LOOOOVES Outside!

14. Reed loves to be on the go......kinda like his mama:)

15. Loves bathtime

16. Loves Barney

17. Loves for us to read to him

18. Loves getting into our entertainment center and pulling out all the movies....

19. He knows what "No No" means

20. Likes to hide to do his business! Ha

21. Loves wrestling with daddy

22. Loves his cousin Isabella and just kids in general

23. Likes to brush his own teeth

24. Loves his dog, Simon

25. Likes to turn the water on and off in the bathroom

26. Loves my cell phone

27. Loves his pacy

28 Has a lot of teeth.....14 maybe....that's kind of bad that I don't know exactly

29. Sleeps 7- 6:30 or 7........if he is not teething or sick

30. Does not like to get his diaper changed or get dressed unless he can watch Barney or has something really FUN to play with!

31. Loves to Pat A Cake!

32. Loves to play peek a boo too!

33. Wears size 3 diapers, 12-18 month clothes, a few 6-12 month, shoe size 6-12 (we still squeeze into) Robeez are about the only shoes that stay on his feet and we need more of them!

34. Loves to eat Sonic ice or just any ice......but as most of you know Sonic ice is the best;)

35. Loves to play ball

36. Can go from happy to mad in 60 seconds!

Reed has added so much joy to our lives this past year! He makes me smile everyday! I am so proud to be his mommy;) Cody and I are truly blessed with a wonderful family! I love every minute I spend with my SWEET baby boy;)

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