Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Guess Who is Walking????

I will have to say this is the most excited I have been since the day Reed was born.....He took 11 steps tonight all by himself!!!!! I am so proud of my little man. My wish was for him to walk before his 1st birthday and he did:)The most he has walked is maybe 1 step but not really steady. Well, tonight he took 4 at first and then took 4-5 more. I heard to hold something they like in front of them and see if they will walk to it...He loves my cell phone and it worked. This was the very last video we got and it was by far the best!!! I had given Reed a break to eat a graham cracker cookie and as you can see he took off with his cookie in hand!!! I am sooooo proud of Reed man tonight! What a big boy!!!

1 comment:

  1. So exciting! My life got easier when Brycen started walking. We had those squeak shoes from Bella Jacks and he went from a few steps to 30 steps to hear them squeak.
    He is a cutie!!
    The Norwoods