Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Staying with Nana and Pops

Reed and I went home to see Nana and Pops a few weeks ago. It was our first trip home without daddy. Reed surprised me and slept for most of the trip. We stopped when it was time to eat and then got back on the road. I was a little nervous but we managed just fine. Reed had soooo much fun playing with his Nana and Pops! Pops took him riding on the golf cart several times a day. I would ride with them and we would feed the catfish, check on the oil wells, and feed the turtles at the creek. Reed liked to be moving so when we would stop he may decide to throw a fit....so Pops would take off again...anything to keep "little man" happy:) Every morning Pops or Nana would take Reed outside to swing. Reed LOVES to swing! I am trying to talk daddy into getting a swing for our house. We shall see... Reed also got to play with his cousins Tate (who is 1 week younger than Reed) and Lambert too! He had a full weekend of fun!

MMMMM....this is good Pops!

Pops swinging with Reed and cousin Lambert

Riding on golf cart with Pops

Swinging with Pops!

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  1. So cute! Reed looks as big as your mom in that first picture! Your parents are great and I'm sure they only spoil their grandkids a tiny little bit!