Friday, August 21, 2009

Hot Springs Lake Trip

We went to Hot Springs to the lake for vacation this year. We stayed at my dad's friend's lake house. It was so relaxing but not long enough. We met up with our friends Wendy and Brandt and had some nice lake time. Brandt would come and pick us up almost every morning and let either the adults go by ourselves or take the kiddos. These pics are with the kiddos. Reed fell asleep on the boat for the most part. He got a little cranky on our way back to the house b/c he was ready to get his lifejacket off or maybe get some milk?? On the other hand, Isabella really enjoyed her first time on the boat! She still associates Wendy and Brandt with "the boat" She loved getting in the lake too. Thanks Wendy and Brandt for taking good care of us! We had a blast:)

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  1. So fun! I was raised on the lake and miss it so much. My parents traded in the boat when I turned 16 for me a car! Pat isn't so comfortable on the lake!! He feels so out of control...I guess we need to go on a boat like you all were on instead of a ski boat!