Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy 6month Birthday Baby Boy!!!

WOW....Where has the time gone! Our baby boy is now 6 months old!!! I had always been told that time flies but until you actually experience it you never really fully understand how FAST it goes by. I can say he has filled our hearts with soooo much joy. He has put my patience to the test for SURE!!! He is growing so much and doing so much I can't believe it. I missed out on an annual lake trip with our friends b/c it is still so hard to leave my little man.....Yes, I was extremely torn but I knew in my heart there would be many more lake trips to come and my little one will only be little for a short time. I headed south to spend some time with my parents and family. Also, I have FINALLY got Reed on a bedtime schedule and my sleep is so precious that I really wanted to stick with it. I was a little nervous about traveling b/c every time we do....something happens and Reed gets so out of tune. This time may have been the exception. He actually slept pretty well for the most part and continued to keep that schedule until he cut another tooth the second day after we came home:( We managed to make it though. I will fill you in on stats when we go to his 6 month check up but until then I will let you know what he is doing now.....

1. Laughing and Giggling
2. Rolling over from back to front and front to back - He has this down pat:)
3. Picking his pacy up in his crib and putting it back in his great! I watch him do this on our monitor.
4. Kicking during bath time
5. Bucking out of Car seat and Bumbo seat....I need a highchair quick!
6. Watching me and Cody (every move we make)
7. Army crawling
8. Almost sitting up...
9. Eating baby food...Loves bananas and pears:)
10. Watches his cousin very closely..He even rolled a ball to her last night (sort of)
11. Throws fits (I mean screams bloody murder sometimes)So embarrassing when in public.
12. Stands up sometimes in the bath tub with my support...scary
13. Coos and talks in the car
14. Sleeps all night (only when we are lucky) I have faith he will get there soon.
15. Swims in his baby floaty
16. Loves for me to sing and read to him
17. Plays in his exersaucer all the time
18. Loves Bath time always.
19. Plays peek a boo
20. We introduced a sippy cup...He has done pretty well with it considering it is so new to him.
21. Loves to play superman with daddy
22. Loves to ride in the car still....falls asleep usually.
23. Has 2 teeth on bottom and 1 more coming in on bottom
I am sure there is more...He is so much fun and we are looking forward to much more fun in the future! Will post stats soon!

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