Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reed's Play Date with Mary Margaret

My friend Melissa came to Fayetteville to visit for the weekend and we had a play date with Reed and Mary Margaret. We met for lunch at Marketplace....Man, how times have changed....Melissa and I have always been able to catch up with each other but it was hard to get a word in edge wise with my 6month old son fussing and just being a wiggle worm....I tried to fill his belly up with some bananas....Well, he liked them for a little bit but then just wanted to fuss some more. Finally, the waiter brought my lunch and Melissa ( being the sweet friend she is) offered to let me eat and walk Reed around the restaurant. I was watching sweet little Mary Margaret chow down on her sweet potato fries...It was hysterical!!! I am sure we got many looks but I really did not care. My little guy finally crashed in my arms after putting up a fight. Well, Melissa I would not have it any other way.....Lunch was a little crazy but I would do it all over again in a second. Good to see ya and miss ya lots Melis!

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  1. Joni-It was so good to see you, too! Reed is adorable! Come visit us soon! Miss you!:)