Thursday, April 11, 2013

Special moments with baby Drake!!!

My sister holding baby Drake for the first time!

She surprised me the day Drake was born!!! She had taken off work for a doctor appt for herself and headed to Fayetteville as soon as she could with Isabella! She recently had her 3rd baby too! Drake and Bowman (my sister's new baby boy) are exactly 10 weeks apart!;)
Holding my baby boy after his first bath! Words cannot describe this moment!!!
My LOVES!!! Reed and Anna Grace coming to hospital to meet their baby brother!
Nana and Anna Grace.....she was a little sleepy after playing in the snow  all morning;)

Anna Grace and Reed checking out their new baby brother! This is my all time fav picture because if you look closely you can see Drake waving back at them!!! Ha!

Bonding with my precious baby boy;)

Loved my nurse!!!! She was awesome!!! Everyone was great;)

Peaceful baby boy;)
Drake Hunter Crawford 7 lbs 5 oz 20.5 inches long!
Just a few minutes old;)

Anna Grace was pretty happy about holding her baby brother!!!

Reed was the SWEETEST!!! He has the biggest heart EVER!!! Love this picture;)

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