Friday, April 5, 2013

Christmas 2012

I am finally back to the blogging world!!!! I got a new MAC computer for Christmas and it has taken a LONG time to figure out this blogging stuff! Way different than my old computer! We have a love/hate relationship!!! Anyway, I will try to catch back up, but SO much has taken place it may take me a while but I'm bound and determined to stay with this!!! It's the best way for me to keep track and document my kiddos lives/special moments/milestones and to create a VERY special book to treasure for a lifetime! I am still trying to figure out how to get a few Christmas pics that I cannot seem to download so there will be more Christmas when I figure it out;)

 Here are a few pics to get started! We actually celebrated Christmas early since I was scheduled to be induced with Drake on December 28th and I was dilated to a 3...... for at least 2 weeks( which I did not expect would go on that long)! Since our kiddos are still so young, they never knew the difference;) I was really glad we did this too! It allowed me to sit back and catch my breath before I had baby Drake!
Our Christmas Tree!!!

Reed LOVED his new batman hot wheels!!! 

Santa came!!!

Pops helping Anna Grace open her presents!

Reed riding his batman hot wheels!


Lolly and Big Daddy came up to celebrate Christmas since we obviously couldn't travel down south! We had such a wonderful Christmas with them and enjoyed just being at home! It is a tradition we are ready to start so we decided we will just start it this year! We will still go to Norphlet and ElDorado just not on Christmas day!

Reed and Big Daddy

Lolly helping Reed with his presents!

This present is bigger than she is! HA!
I have more Christmas pics to upload if I can figure out how to transfer them! to be continued........

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