Sunday, April 7, 2013

Drake Hunter Crawford is HERE!!!!!! Welcome to the world SWEET ANGEL!!!!!

Ready for this to happen!!!

Me and my sweet momma;)

My momma was always right by my side during all 3 births of my babies;)

Me and my sweet hubby!!! LOVE him!!! He was SO excited about having his 2nd baby BOY!!!

It doesn't get much sweeter than this!!!! OH how I LOVE this moment SO SO much!!!!

My older babies coming to meet their baby brother for the 1st time!!!

I missed these two SO much!!!!

Big Daddy was the first one to visit us the next morning!!! He gets up bright and early and couldn't wait to get his hands on his 3rd grand baby!!!! Oh how I love this man and LOVE this picture!!!;)
Lolly holding her 2nd grandson and 3rd grand baby!!! Reed couldn't wait to get a turn!!!;)

Baby Drake's first few minutes of life!!!! LOVE him to pieces!!!!!

Such A Proud Big Brother!!!!

Reed giving his little brother a kiss;) 
Sweet Angelic Faces!!!!!

Me with ALL my Babies!!!!! LOVE THEM TO PIECES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reed was such a proud big brother!!! His first time to hold Drake!!! Love it!

Anna Grace's first time to hold Drake! Such a special moment!!!;)

I LOVE this pic because Reed was asking so many questions about Drake and Anna Grace was just totally checking him out! lol! I think she was thinking "Are we really taking you home with us??" HA!

Drake all ready to go home!!! His little face was so broken out but has gotten so much better now;)

Holding Drake.......She loved it!!!!

Anna Grace holding her baby brother! She loves having a LIVE baby doll;)

My momma and Drake

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