Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My new LOVE!!!


The other night, I wanted to try a new recipe from "The Pioneer Woman"..... I have heard she does not make a bad dish....which so far is very true!!! I decided to google some of her "favorite recipes" Here is what I decided to try......Spinach Mushroom Quesadillas!!! The random thing is......that I am really not a huge fan of mushrooms, but my hubby is, so........I thought I would give this one a try....... I do however, LOVE spinach and goat cheese and the combo of both sounded DELISH!!!

They were YUMMY to say the least and VERY EASY to make! Of course, last minute I had my hubby grab a couple of items from the store that I did not have. He......of course, texted me that he could not find fontina cheese SO I told him just to get Monterey Jack and we would "wing it!!!" He brought home "MEXICAN shredded cheese".....go figure??? which contained several kinds of cheeses......I had already prepared the mushrooms and spinach so it just had to work!!! lol! It was DELICIOUS!!!

Cody is the absolute easiest person to cook for.....he NEVER complains whether I bring home CHICK FILET, make chicken salad sandwiches, throw together a spinach salad with a rotisseri chicken on top with a few of our favorite toppings, or make him a bowl of cereal......and I am NOT Kidding! He eats it and never says a word. I know this is not very fair to him who works extremely hard for our family!! He totally deserves better!!! After having kids, I will have to admit my cooking has really gone out the window! I have had many moments though, when I really want to get that "GROOVE" back!!! He loves it when I try something new!

I think he was impressed to say the least!:) He LOVED it!

I am excited to try more of her recipes. She is also very easy to follow with her step by step instructions with a picture to go with each kind of girl;)

P.S. I used my panini maker for the first time and LOVED IT! Sorry mom....I know I have had it for almost a year now. lol!

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