Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gotta love.....Nana and Pops

My parents are so helpful when they come to visit. It can be very challenging taking care of 2 kiddos 21 months apart, but my parents always seem to come up just in the nick of time:) I guess they sense when I need a break!!!

My dad is probably one of the most patient men I have EVER known. He can manage my kiddos so almost makes it unfair that it works so well for him! ha....He just has a gentle, laid back nature and kids need that for the most part. I tend to get all keyed up about the small stuff when really does not matter!

Reed hiding under the covers while Pops reads to Anna Grace

Nana and Anna Grace......she is loving her animal cracker;)

Anna Grace LOVES books! She is very still and content while we read to her.

Pops read her Toy of Reed's books.......she loved it and especially turning the pages;)

Melt. My. Heart.

Sooooo Sweet:)

Some last minute lovin with Nana.....I will have to admit.....when it is time to say our good bye's to Nana and Pops.....I get so sad:( I so wished my parents lived here, but they don't so I have to come to grips with that. Reed cries just about every time they leave which makes momma cry too. We get so sad...... but we find something to make us happy. We love you Nana and Pops and look forward to seeing you soon!!!

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