Friday, April 29, 2011

Welcome to the world Baby Olivia!

I can officially say I made my first trip with these two little munchkins all by myself yesterday! I drove to Hot Springs on Monday to try to make it in time for Olivia's birthday! Looking back....I was a bit crazy for driving in these crazy storms, but I was bound and determined to do it! Unfortunately, I did not make it in time. I missed it by about 1.5 hrs:( I still got to see her sweet face in the nursery when I got there. My sister had a pretty good labor for the most part. My sister and I are the best of friends....we do everything together. We are always there to share special moments with each other. I can count on her to always listen when I need a friend. I do not know what in the world I would do without her love, support, and amazing friendship! I am really excited about Anna Grace having a cousin so close in age. They will be about 5.5 months apart. I hope they will grow to be very best friends! Olivia is absolutely precious and Isabella is loving having a little sister. She has her very own live baby doll!!! How fun;)

Here are some pictures of my kiddos! I am trying out a new camera....

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